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Off the Shelf Soft Skills Courses

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E-Learning Course on Soft Skills

KnowxBox (Box of Knowledge) is a library of off-the-shelf soft skills courses developed and maintained by Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions. In the era, where there is a need for new and fresh talents in corporates, it becomes essential for new joiners that they understand basic Soft-Skills that help them in adjusting in a corporate environment. The way your employees deal with a critical situation, the way they behave with clients and colleagues, the way they treat the juniors and superiors – all this comes under the essential skills required for growth of any organisation. Soft skills matter a lot in corporates nowadays. Treating people the right way is crucial in the current job scenario. KnowxBox comes with some commonly asked e-learning Off-The-Shelf Behavioural Training Courses. These are animated and interactive content with assessment and games wherever required.

How to Avail these courses?

We offer both types of licence - Perpetual licence and Subscription licence.

Perpetual licence

Perpetual licence is for organisations having their own LMS. It involves one-time purchase of courses. These courses are available in SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 formats. Hence, these are compliant with all major LMSs. These courses can be uploaded on your LMS and can be accessed by unlimited users for indefinite time. For buying a Perpetual licence, please write to us at [email protected].

Subscription licence

Subscription licence can be purchased by an individual or an organization.
For Individuals - Individuals can sign-up directly on the portal and pay per course. Each course comes with enrolment for 365 days.
For Organisations - We have special prices for Organisations. They can buy licences for their users. Each user will get access to the complete library for 365 days. Manager access will also be given from where they can also download the users reports. For buying a Subscription licence, please write to us at [email protected].