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Flash to HTML

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Flash to HTML

You might have lot of beautiful and interactive flash content but now since, browsers no longer support flash, what to do. Don’t worry.

We at Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions converts the same flash content into HTML 5 content with almost the same graphics and same level of interactivity. HTML 5 with the combination of JavaScript and CSS3 give astonishing results and it is supported seamlessly with all the major browsers. We convert the various games, activities and simulations created in Flash to HTML5 with compatibility across all mobile platforms and desktop.

Our solutions are cost effective and we have already transformed a large amount of Flash content to HTML successfully.

We convert the content from flash to HTML which have following features:

  • Device-Independent Content that runs on Runs on all platforms
  • Runs on all browsers, no additional player or application required
  • Light in size, hence less loading time is there, also uses less internet bandwidth
  • Optimum Development Costs
  • Responsive Content, which resizes itself as per the screen size.

Note: All these samples are property of our esteemed client's. These are not for commercial purpose. These are only to showcase our portfolio.

K12 Simulations
K12 Simulation

Flash to HTML