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SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model - a technical specification for building online LMSs and training course content. It is a package which has the multimedia, audio, video, images, text, interactions, question screes, quizzes, results, scoring, etc. whatever is required for effective training content.


SCORM compliant courses can be easily uploaded to any major third party LMS since they are accessible on a wider range of platforms. Hence, the potential customer base of SCORM compliant courses is wide. Also, if your company switches LMS, you will still be able to launch and track the courses you have created.

We develop customized HTML 5 based SCORM complainant courses that are responsive, adjust itself as per the screen size and runs on all platform without any third party player. These SCORM courses could have your organization’s branding with all inbuilt navigational features. It could have forced or open navigation as per your requirement. You can have any Avatar election, game-base-learning, anmations, videos, complex interactive content and lot more within the package. These SCORM compliant courses enable you to upload them on any LMS. We also provide courses through our own portal which you will need to login to.

Note: All these samples are property of our esteemed client's. These are not for commercial purpose. These are only to showcase our portfolio.

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Scorm Content