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About Us

“If there is any solution possible, we have it. If not, we will discover it.”


Dynamic Pixel is a young yet enthusiastic organization. Our mission is to be innovative, to always find smarter ways to complete our task and to make the world a smarter place with the help of technology.

We believe: “If there is any solution possible, we have it. If not, we will discover it.”

Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions offers comprehensive E-Learning courses and assessments that enable individuals and enterprise organisations to provide effective training. Our e-learning courses possess quality content, interactive simulations, graphics and quizzes, making learning interesting and effective. Our interactive e-Learning content allows user to take courses anytime, anywhere.

Our Vision

We strive to be one of the best world class e-learning solution providers with a dynamic and value-based solutions across all sectors.

Our Mission

Our aim is to design and develop e-learning solutions for our customers regionally and globally by delivering best quality with justified price. We believe to develop workplace where continuous learning environment will be available for rapid changes.

Our goal is to raise the company image with ethics, honesty and human values that will achieve a good social outcome towards our customers and environment. We believe in retaining client by providing best quality services. Our hope is not only to run business but also developing social relations with the environment.


The strength factor of Dynamic Pixel is that, we continue to learn and grow despite the expertise that we have achieved through the years. We believe that there is no limit for learning, nor for growing. With new innovations coming in everyday, we make it our goal to not only familiarise ourselves with those innovations, but also to equip ourselves to recreate it and make it better.


Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions was founded in November, 2010. We started off with making K-12 projects for schools and institutions. From there, we went on to produce quality Animation videos, standard Mobile Applications, effective corporate training and comprehensive e-Learning courses for our clients. You can view the services offered by Dynamic Pixel here . We provide all the technology related solutions and services for e-learning.

What we started as a K-12 project developing company has now grown into something that makes anything and everything in the world, related to e-learning. Dynamic Pixel has established its standard in both the Indian and International markets.

Dynamic Pixel