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A simulation is a significant learning instrument precisely in light of the fact that learners can endeavour to handle real-life situations without the fear of failure.

E-learning Simulations permit the learners to train and practice work procedure or routine in a virtually simulated learning environment. The simulated environment is built on interactive media designs, multimedia graphics and other multimedia assets to imitate or look very close to the real working environment. It basically involves "learning by doing".

E-Learning Simulations actually make you perform a job and experience the results just as if you were really there.


E-learning Simulations helps in improving the job performance
Real-Life Problems or Scenarios
Immersive Graphics and Sound
Relatable Characters
Real-Life Tools/Equipments and Behaviours
Assessments and Evaluations


E-learning Simulations helps in improving the job performance.
E-learning simulations can make the learning engaging and interactive.
Brings out the behaviour and reaction which leads to intuitive action.
Learning created can be applied immediately.
E-Learning simulations can lead to successful outcomes.

We at Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions create simulations bespoke to the needs and environment of each client. The clients don’t have to go through their own learning curve in order to get grips to technology involved before delivering the training, we take care of it. We create stimulated systems to match the look and functionality of your company’s programmes. Our e-learning simulations are excellent and our teams are true leaders in their fields (demonstrated by the feedback/reviews of the clients).

Our solutions offer lifelike and real-world environments where learners can become competent and confident in their jobs. This is particularly useful for employees in hands-on professions where the risks are high. Controlled simulation-based training reduces risk, as the environments are safe

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