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Mobile Learning Courses

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Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is also a subset of e-learning. It focuses on learning with mobile devices like notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, etc. The basic idea of mobile learning is to make a portable and enhanced way of learning.

Mobile Learning is increasingly becoming popular among the masses when it comes to transferring knowledge from an eLearning source. Through mobile learning, employees get to learn at a pace that they find comfortable by accessing courses online using their devices. It, in turn, has a significant positive impact on productivity.
Mobile learning has the following benefits:

• It is easier to carry mobile devices than heavy textbooks and personal computers.
• It covers a wide range of learners. The number of people owning a mobile device is a larger proportion than people owning a personal computer.
• It has reduced the cost of learning from a learner’s perspective.

How Does Learning Flexibility Enhance Performance?
The experience of learning will be the same in all the devices; be it a Smartphone, Tablet, or PC. Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions aims to take the mobile usage preferences and habits of the learners into account to create relevant mobile learning solutions where the learners enjoy the process, which ultimately results in better performance. Every learner operates at a different pace, and Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions makes sure that every learner gets to learn the content at his/her pace using the most portable device available to them.

How is Mobile Learning Cost-Effective and Versatile?
Mobile learning is quite popular in the market because it is cost-effective as well as versatile at the same time.
• Learners would like the courses to be in sync with the daily routine. Keeping the need-based and just-in-time learning mechanism in mind, we have devised e learning mobile apps that will help in enhancing the quality of performance in terms of improving skills or solving problems.
• Learners will be able to access the courses they like on a device and proceed at a comfortable pace. The flexibility we provide makes learning more intuitive and engaging.

What makes mobile e-learning the need of the hour?

While we are aware of the wonders e-learning has been doing for various business, mobile e-learning has become an extension of e-learning programs taking online learning a step ahead. Let’s have a look at why mobile e-learning solutions are the need of the hour.
• Mobile e-learning has become a successful model, whether it is performance support or collaborative e-learning environment. The learners are much more motivated and engaged.
• Mobile e-learning has led to better course completion rates. Since people can access the content from any place at any time, it has become easier for them to complete the course at their own pace. Everyone has a mobile device, and mobile learning seamlessly integrated learning into our daily routines.
• Our e-learning application software has made it possible to deliver information in bite sized chunks. The content offered is crisp and precise, and the information is more readily accessible as and when needed for on-the-job-training. This has helped in preventing cognitive overload and increased learning.
• Mobile e-learning programs lead to knowledge retention and improved information recall. Learners are more likely to remember crisp and concise data which they find relevant and relatable to.
• Personalization is yet another benefit of mobile e-learning programs. The tailor-made courses promote a higher rate of engagement and motivation for the learners. Since it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, it helps the learners stay on track with training.
• Mobile e-learning has been easier to adopt because of the responsive design. Our online learning programs are responsive and enable the interface to adapt to multiple device sizes.

Mobile learning would always be given special importance in Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions. We are very much into what the client and target learners want. We have the technical knowledge respective to mobile platforms, and we use it to the best of your advantage.

If you are looking for courses that are of high-quality, Cost-effective, and flexible at the same time, you will find them at Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions. With a highly-skilled team of professionals to assist us in designing these courses, we will make sure that your learning is full-proof. Get access to a variety of courses at our portal. Make the most of it!

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Mobile Learning