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E-Learning in Telecommunications Sector

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Role of E-Learning in Telecommunications Sector

The telecommunications industry is evolving fast. Since recently, privatisation, deregulation, technological innovations and competition have brought in new methods of conducting business. The products of the telecom industry have become more diverse and complex. It requires diverse teams to work together. As such there is a need for stringent and fast training in this industry.

Challenges Faced By the Industry:
  • Employees have to be on their toes and provide the best customer service. It is an arduous daily task. Thus, there is a huge challenge to train employees for best customer service practices.
  • Most telecom companies develop different kinds of products within a short time. All employees must be made aware of these products and services.
  • The attrition rate in this industry is very high. There is a lot of fresh recruitment happening and as such, the need for comprehensive induction training.
  • Telecom products are sold by dealers, who also sell products of competitors. The staff of dealers need to be trained in all aspects of the products like sales and servicing.
  • Solutions provided by e-learning:
  • Human resource training: On the Job training for both new recruits as well as old hands to lay stress on work culture, company policy, processes, etc.
  • Customer-service training: E-learning can be used to train front office/back office customer relations staff on how to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Sales of telecom products: It helps to train staff on various aspects of sales.
  • To manage this huge and diverse workforce, leadership training is necessary. Managers and supervisors will be given leadership training.

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