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E-Learning for Education

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E-Learning for Education

E-learning is transforming the face of education today. From K12 system to higher education, e-learning is being recognised as a superior alternative to classroom learning. Those educators, who want to keep abreast of the latest trends in education, recognise e-learning as an integral part of their education strategy.

Challenges faced by classroom training:
  • No standard material: Every time, a class is delivered, the content and presentation of the subject matter change because of the limitations of the teacher.
  • Geographic barriers: Quality of education depends on the geographical locations of students and their access to local schools.
  • Not personalised: Education is delivered en-masse with little chance of personalization or customization.
  • Cost and quality: It is expensive to hire teachers. There might also be a shortage of talented and efficient teachers.
  • Solutions Provided By E-Learning:
  • All students are given access to standard material, which they can access anytime or from anywhere.
  • All students wherever they are located can use e-learning to get access to superior learning material. Geographical dispersion of students is not a problem.
  • Students of all backgrounds can access education of top quality.
  • E-learning enable students to learn at their individual pace and subjects of their choice.
  • The cost of e-learning is minimal when compared to cost of setting up a classroom or hiring teachers. E-learning also gives students chance to learn from the best teachers.
  • E-learning includes use of animation. Animation can help make lessons interesting and attractive. Students are able to retain course material in a better way. It helps to make tough concepts simple and will be remembered for a long time.
  • Role of e-learning in the education sector

    In this digital age, the learners want relevant and personalized content. This need can be successfully fulfilled with e-learning programs for schools. Let’s have a look at the role of e-learning in the education sector:

    • E-learning education is suitable for everyone as it accommodates the varied needs of people. E-learning has brought the digital revolution in the education sector. The courses can be taken depending on comfort and convenience.
    • What makes e-learning courses unique is that they can be taken for any number of times. This is required at the time of revision when preparing for the exams. This gives online courses an edge over conventional classes. You can attend the lectures whenever you want easily.
    • The education e-learning programs are in complete sync with the modern learners. The content is updated from time to time, and learners have access to updated content, unlike traditional classes.
    • With e-learning program, the lessons can be delivered quickly. In fact, the time required for learning is reduced by almost 25 to 60% as compared to traditional learning. It saves times as students don’t need to travel. Students can choose the topic that interests them the most. Also, learners can define their own speed of learning.
    • E-learning enables the tutors to achieve a higher degree of coverage for communicating a message in a consistent way to the students. This makes sure that all learners receive the same training.
    • E-learning platform is cost-effective as a lot of money is saved on trainers, travelling, course material, etc.
    • The e-learning development for education is an effective platform for learning. It enhances the ability to learn and implement the new process. It also helps in retaining information for a long time.
    • It is a paperless way of learning which protects the environment to a lot of extent.

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