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E-Learning in I.T. Industry

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Role of E-Learning in I.T. Industry

In the current globalised economic scenario, technological advancements and their applications have spread over multiple industries. This has led to fresh demand for new recruits who have basic, transferable skills and competencies in I.T. (Information Technology).
In this light, there is a need to enhance skills of employees of I.T. industry by acquiring new knowledge and skills to remain competitive in this industry.

  • There is a great need for training employees in basic I.T. skills and competencies.
  • There is high attrition in this industry, so there is a lot of training required for new recruits.
  • There might be a difference in learning capacity of staff. Some may proceed at a slow pace while others can master information in a short time.
  • There is a need for good leadership at the team and managerial level so as to finish projects as a team.
  • Solutions:
  • E-learning can help in training fresh recruits with limited skills as well as those seeking to upgrade their professional skills. The aim might be to increase knowledge, gain additional work experience, etc.
  • E-learning helps create employees with transferable I.T. skills, soft skills, etc.
  • Employees can be provided with self-paced training or instructor-led training as per their liking.
  • E-learning can provide certification on completion of course via virtual evaluation programs.
  • E-learning material can be accessed anywhere, anytime and with technology compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems.
  • The course especially using animation can help make tough concepts simple and easy to understand.

  • This is the role of e-learning for Information Technology industry. If you are looking for cutting edge e-learning material for the I.T. industry, do come to us. We, at Dynamic Pixel, have solutions for all your e-learning needs.
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