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Instructor LED Training Courses

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Instructor-Led-Training (ILT) Content:

It is a universal agenda that learning is something that requires a teacher or an instructor. But sometimes, it may get really hard or tiring for teachers to manually do so many things. Sometimes, the teacher/instructor may find it quite hard to express what he wishes to. Here comes the aid of Instructor LED Training.

We develop Instructor-led training or ILT content that enables a trainer or facilitator to provide training in a classroom environment. We develop special modules in which the teacher/instructor has the control of and during his/her teaching sessions, the teacher/instructor will be able to play/pause the media as and when he/she requires it.
We provide following deliverables for ILTs:
-Session Training Content (in well-designed HTML/PowerPoint format along with trainer notes)
-Facilitator or Trainer Guide (in MS Word format)
-Participant Guide (in MS Word format)
-Training Design

Instructor LED modules are subset of customized learning. Obviously, the teachers/instructors have got their own preferences. If you need it, we can surely make one for you and it will be as you want it to be.

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