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E-learning Courses

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E-Learning Courses

E-Learning course is a multimedia package in which there could be combination of videos, images, text, interactivities like click to reveal, drag and drop, questions, quizzes, results, games, navigation controls, etc.

Our e-Learning courses are tailored to the needs of the client. The clients find our projects to be cost-effective and strategic for their use. We do not compromise on the quality of our projects. We work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure the quality. Working with SMEs enables us to acquire more knowledge on the field that we are working on to create the project. So it is safe to say that we now have our flags pinned in almost all technology related fields including educational sector, training sector, gaming sector and entertainment sector.

What we started as a K-12 project developing company has now grown into something that makes anything and everything in the world, related to e-learning. Dynamic Pixel has established its standard in both the Indian and International markets.

Elearning Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

How is E-learning different from traditional class-based Learning?

E-learning is an electronic form of learning that doesn’t require the physical presence of the instructor and learner. It is carried out through electronic devices like laptop, computer, smart-phone or a tablet while sitting at any corner of the world. Unlike traditional class-based learning, it removes geographical obstacles, saves time and money, and is a paper-less way of studying. It offers the learners the freedom to take the course at their own pace and also navigate to topics of their choice.

Which are the different types of E-learning?

E-learning includes text, video, graphics, animations, and virtual environment. It is available in different forms which a learner can pick as per his requirements and preferences. Have a look at an array of e-learning types.
Group learning
Course-based learning
Lesson-based learning
App-based learning
One-on-One learning
Video-based learning
The aforementioned E-learning forms can either be availed in Synchronous way or in Asynchronous way. In the former one, learning takes place in a real-time whereas in the latter one, pre-recorded video lessons and gamed based learning concepts.

How is gamification method used in E-Learning?

In the gamification method, points and badges are rewarded to the students for accomplishing the particular task. Elements such as points, levelling, and leader boards are employed to train and motivate the learners at the same time. Secondly, the use of gamified quizzes creates the perfect balance between giving the user time to think and using timed questions to add a layer of competition. Thirdly, immersive storytelling with strong characters is again a perfect example of gamified learning.

How does an Interactive E-learning course look like?

An interactive e-learning course is unique and catchy enough to grab the attention of the readers. It is inclusive of reality-based scenarios, quizzes, and assessments for in-depth exploration. The course content must keep the learners engaged and should be capable enough to tap their emotions. It should encompass different multimedia elements such as audios, videos, animations, and graphics.

To carry out the E-learning course, what are the essential hardware and software requirements?

To run an online course either for yourself or for your employees, you need a platform called a Learning Management System (LMS). Apart from this, there are some basic hardware and software that you need to access online courses. Have a look at them. As per your convenience, you can choose from these hardware types : -
Smart-phone or a tablet
Printer or a scanner
Here are some types of software for the successful operation of an e-learning course.
Operating system
E-mail address
Microsoft Office
Plug-ins like Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc.

Who will be benefitted the most from the E-learning course?

E-learning is specifically meant to be beneficial for following types of individuals with the following needs.
Those who can’t travel and wish to learn at their own pace.
Those who are environment enthusiast and want to adopt a paperless mode of studying.
Those who are engaged in the job sector and carrying out their studies simultaneously.

What are the challenges of E-learning?

Here are some of the top challenges that an e-learner or an e-instructor may confront.
Updating the content timely to retain its uniqueness.
Making it engaging enough to arose the attention of the learners.
Customizing the content according to different age-groups.
Finding The Perfect e-learning Authoring Tool or Learning Platform.