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E-Learning for Hospitality Sector

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E-Learning for Hospitality Sector

Employees in the hospitality sector have to be on their toes all the time and provide the best experience to the customers. It is a huge challenge to provide training to employees to improve service quality and maintain quality standards. E-learning has come to the rescue.
The Indian tourism industry is growing in importance, and in 2015, it generated revenue equivalent to 6%of India’s GDP and 8.7% of its total jobs. It is expected to grow by 7.5% annually to US $270 billion by 2025. The Ministry of Tourism is conducting an ‘Incredible India’ campaign to woo tourists. It is actively promoting, cruise, medical, rural as well as eco-tourism. It is an arduous task to train personnel of the hospitality and tourism industry because of the rapid development of the sector.

Challenges Faced In Training:
  • Hospitality is a highly competitive industry. Employees have to be constantly trained to deliver their best.
  • Considering training aspects, soft skills training is very important.
  • It is quite a task to make training interesting for an exhausted workforce.
  • Training has to be organised with a focus on daily operations. It is tough to assemble staff for training sessions
  • Solutions Provided By E-Learning:
  • Employees can be trained in the nuances of various cultures that the customers of the hospitality sector come from.
  • Training includes sensitive topics like responsible alcohol service, handling emergency and compliances for food and safety. Soft skills training can be provided.
  • Training is useful to enable employees to handle software courses and improve their service.
  • Employees can access training at their individual pace.
  • The organisation saves time, money and resources needed to train employees through traditional classroom training.
  • New course on housekeeping and hygiene make these usually dreary subjects, useful and interesting.
  • New recruits enjoy great benefits from brand orientation program developed and deployed by e-learning.
  • Training can be provided to enable staff to deal with medical emergencies of tourists.
  • Training can be provided to make employees of hospitality industry truly understand the meaning and tasks associated with the “Athithi Devo Bhava" campaign.
  • They can be trained to sensitive issues faced by female tourists like sexual harassment, rape, etc.
  • Employees can be made aware of the best spots in the country and guide tourists to these spots.

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