Communication Mystery

An Introduction to Communication Mystery

Communication has a major role to play in any organization. In order to get any job done, it is first important to communicate the requirements of the job. There are instances when people derive a completely different meaning of a message, contrary to the actual meaning. This could lead to a lot of chaos in a company.

To make communication more effective, it is extremely important to learn the art and mysteries of communication. This course will help you in debunking the myths of communication and understanding the difference between good and bad communication. By gaining this insight, you will be equipped with skills that are absolutely necessary for maintaining effective communication in any organization.


Course Content

Module 1 (Communication – Myths, Facts, and Assumptions):

  • Learn about the myths and facts of communication.
  • Learn the assumptions in good and bad communication.

Module 2(Assertive Speaking Skills):

  • Identify the patterns of communication.
  • Understand the concept of assertive communication.
  • Learn the assertive speaking techniques.

Module 3(Active Listening and Problem Solving):

  • Understand the concept of active listening.
  • Understand the importance of active listening.
  • Learn techniques of problem solving.
  • Identify the behavioural obstacles to problem solving.

Course Duration

45 to 60 minutes

Target Audience

  • Best suited for staff members, operational level managers, and middle level managers
  • Age group – 19 to 35 years

Available in:

  • Video

Delivered Via:

  • Intranet
  • Internet

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