An Introduction to Presentation Skills


An Introduction to Presentation Skills

Presentations are a huge part of the professional life. Most people have the necessary knowledge but do not end up making a significant impact on the client or boss. Taking up a course on presentation skills will help an individual to make an impression on its audience.

A presentation skills training will allow the speaker to move past long and complicated slide presentations having zero focus and teach techniques that can help improve the quality of the presentation.

Course Content

  • How to perform more confidently when presenting in front of an audience.
  • How to use appropriate techniques for making the presentation more effective.

Course Duration

7 to 10 minutes

Target Audience

  • Anybody who has been promoted recently to the operational managerial level.
  • Age group – 22 to 35 years

Available in:

  • Video

Delivered Via:

  • Intranet
  • Internet

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