Dynamic Decision Making

An Introduction to Dynamic Decision Making

The consequences of ineffective decision making in an organization can be fatal. It could lead to wasted resources, stalled projects, and losses for the organization. On the other hand, strong decision making can help an organization succeed immensely.

Strong decision making isn’t about innate skills or accidents but is a product of learning. In order to make strategic, clear, and game-changing decisions for the growth your organization, take up this course on ‘Dynamic Decision Making.’You will learn the different processes and styles of decision making in order to avoid making ineffective decisions. This way, you will make effective decisions in the future.

Course Content

This course will help you in:

  1. Understanding decision making styles.
  2. Identifying and implementing the decision making process.
  3. Analysing risks and payoffs in decision making-
  • Consequences and payoffs
  • Risk analysis
  • Common mistakes while making decisions
  • Common psychological traps – Anchoring, Status Quo, Sunk Costs, Confirming Evidence, Estimating and Forecasting
  1. Understanding the factors that affect decision making and strategies to overcome them.
  2. Effective making and communicating decisions-
  • Dynamics of group decisions
  • Guidelines for communicating decisions
  • Evaluating the decision

Modifying the decision as per the situation

Course Duration

45 to 60 minutes

Target Audience

  • Best suited for staff members, operational level managers, and middle level managers
  • Age group – 19 to 35 years

Available in:

  • Video

Delivered Via:

  • Intranet
  • Internet

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