What Customers Really Want

An Introduction to What Customers Really Want

Customer service is referred as the support an organization offers to its customers, including both before and after the purchase and use of products or services. This support is necessary to provide an enjoyable and easy experience to all customers. Every organization needs amazing customer service for retaining customers. As good customer support can enhance the business, bad customer support can equally harm a business.

If you wish your career to grow in customer support, this course will equip you with all the skills necessary for enhancing customer support.

Course Content

This course will teach you ways of:

  • Understanding customer service and setting excellent service standards. You will learn the importance of customer service and its several benefits.
  • Understanding ways of building customer rapport. You will learn how body language and personal appearance help in building customer rapport. You will also learn skills necessary to build customer rapport such as listening skills, conversation skills, and mirroring skills.
  • Managing a sales call effectively with the help of strategies, questions, assumptive language, flamboyant gestures, and so on.
  • Coping with an irate or dissatisfied customer.
  • Identifying the symptoms and signs of burnout and dealing with it effectively.

Course Duration

45 to 60 minutes

Target Audience

  • Best suited for customer support centre – staff members and operational level managers
  • Age group – 19 to 35 years

Available in:

  • Video

Delivered Via:

  • Intranet
  • Internet

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