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E-Learning on Induction Training

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E-Learning on Induction Training

A company runs only when its employees are well-settled into the firm. All freshers must go through induction training to gel in well with the rules and regulations of the company and create a perfect understanding with the other members of the company. Companies must ensure that all their new employees are trained well and have good knowledge after taking up the induction training exercise.


There is a massive requirement of induction training for new employees.
There is a lot of competition within the industry and also among other employers, so induction training is a must to fit into the field.
The new employees might be straight out of college as a fresher or very new to the job field.
Skills and knowledge cannot be enforced upon employees; it must be taught in a slow and systematic way for a long-lasting effect.
Without induction training, the employee might be underprepared for his job. He will feel out of place.


E-Learning on induction training will help generate a positive atmosphere for the new employees.
Any new job concerns are addressed with the help of E-learning.
E-Learning enables the employee to be comfortable and will give a sense of belongingness to the firm.
The employee’s knowledge of the organization will increase rapidly, hence enabling better performance. Both the company and the employee find this as a positive impact.
E-learning teaches the freshers to mingle with those they are supposed to work with. This will increase the trust and understanding between team members who then churn out a perfect project presentation.

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