Use Of E-Learning in Automobile Industry

It is a well-known fact that technology adoption has become a strong element of the automobile industry. For the peculiar needs of training employees in the auto sector, companies are turning to e-learning.

Trucks, cars, and vans, all have their own technical nuances. Different models flaunt functionalities, features and systems, which are different from each other. But thanks to e-learning gaining knowledge in the automobile industry has become easier than before.

E-Learning Media:

Content for e-learning is delivered via a variety of modes. One common method is disc based learning which makes use of Blu- Ray, CD or DVD. But the internet revolution is seeing companies making use of online methods of training. Some may use blended learning which combines online learning with some class room instruction.


For Career in Automobile Industry:

Thanks to e-learning, many unlikely candidates can look forward to a career in the automobile industry. E-learning automobile engineering courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world by anyone with a net connection. Thus, students from all over the world can learn about automobiles and their technology, even before going to college. For instance, foreign students can gain knowledge of the automobile technology in the U.S. through e-learning.

How E-Learning Helps in Training:

  • E-learning enables training to cater to learners located far and wide. The dissemination of content can be via online medium or through CD’s. A Learning Management System (LMS) can be put in place to deliver training without any additional human effort.
  • E-learning helps develop modules suited to the learner group. For example, detailed content on objectives of the organization and induction training can be developed for white collar workers while blue collar workers can be trained more easily on these aspects using modules filled with audio-visual content. Audio-visuals can be translated into local language for efficient assimilation.
  • E-learning also solves the problem of logistics for managers as they have to supervise work in the shop floors. Virtual tour of the factory can be done by managers in their free time or while they are on the go, saving valuable time away from work. Virtual tours can also be used to complement actual visits.
  • For automobile sector, two types of training are essential: soft skills training and Process and Product training. An appropriate content development strategy must be used to deliver training all across the huge automobile enterprise.
  • Photos and videos created onsite can familiarize workers with the real work environment and provide extensive knowledge of the machinery. Illustrations and diagrams can be used to explain concepts clearly. For creating a life like experience, 3D animations can be used.

These are some of the advantages of use of e-learning for the automobile industry.

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