Top Advantages of E-Learning for Training Employees

induction training programme for new employees

Companies seeking to implement training programs are finding e-learning as an efficient and effective mode of designing and delivering training. It offers several benefits over traditional classroom based training.


Efficiency and cost-effectiveness is important to most organizations. They are aiming to save energy, money and time. Best e-learning companies in India offer bespoke training programs for companies. Otherwise, in house teams of companies can develop their own e-learning training programs

Here is a list of benefits that can be gained by a company by making use of e-learning programs:

  1. Cost savings: Companies can hope to save much money by using e-learning programs rather than classroom based training. These include costs of arranging venue, travel costs of participants and trainers, catering costs and costs of learning material (printed on paper). Printing costs can be saved by easy updating of training content since it is available online. In the past updating of training material would be time consuming and costly. Not anymore- with e-learning.
  2. Enhanced productivity and performance: Employees always desire for opportunities to grow. Online training enables employees to pick up new knowledge and skills on a speedy basis. One of the main grouses with traditional class room training is that it diverts time away from essential tasks. With e-learning, there is great freedom for employees to take part in training from anywhere at any time. Thus they gain opportunities to grow and contribute to increased productivity.
  3. Flexible and convenient: There are no boundaries with e-learning. With access to a net connection, employees can access training content from anywhere at any time. This means reduced time and energy involved in organizing a training program. It is difficult to gather all employee stone place at the same time. With e-learning such efforts are not required at all.

E-learning is totally flexible and convenient for trainees as well as for the company to design and deliver training programs.

  • Feedback on time: Real time feedback on success of training is available online through automatic evaluation methods. Management can keep tabs on effectiveness of training programs as well as the performance of the individual employee. Thus the management need not rely on manual evaluations which are costly, inconvenient and time consuming. Online quizzes can be created which can be evaluated by Learning Management systems.
  • Improved retention: e-learning helps companies deliver training programs that are visually attractive, enjoyable and memorable. Videos, animation, interactive slides and games are used to deliver e-learning content. It is universally recognized that such interesting training is highly effective and employees retain information in a much better way.

These are some of the top advantages of e-learning for training employees.

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