Top Trends in E-Learning for 2016


Ever since the last decade, the term e-learning has been applied to denote a range of Information Technologies for use in companies and schools for training and education. In the case of e-learning, information is delivered over computer networks to learners and instructors who are in separate physical locations, but all who are accessing learning content through their devices like tablets , P.C.’s and mobiles.


As Learning Management systems that help design and deliver e-learning are growing more and more sophisticated, we are set to witness certain mind blowing trends in the e-learning industry in 2016. Here a few of these trends:

  • Mobile learning: It is part of the reasons why owners and managers of the company start learning management systems. These senior players in companies want employees to enjoy the luxury of being able to access training content from anywhere, any time and on any mobile device. Experts predict that mobile learning industry is posed to grow to over $37 billion by 2020. Thus this is a trend which is waiting to explode and of much relevance to e-learning development companies
  • Gamification: This is the most fun filled trend in the e-learning industry. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like playing games at work? It provides much refreshment after a tiring and hectic day. But gamification introduced in the workplace is focused on knowledge retention and training: its main aim is not to offer entertainment. But it does a wonderful job of bringing an atmosphere of relaxation and entertainment to any genre of online training. The market for Gamification is expected to touch $2.8 billion in 2016.
  • Video based training: Watching videos is a much loved pastime for all. In fact, in the U.S., all adults have been found to watch at least 5 hours of video daily on an average. E-learning incorporates video based learning. This trend has become so popular that 98% of all organizations will use video based content in their digital learning strategy in 2016.
  • Competency based learning: This is a hot trend, popular with both employers and employees. Employees who use e-learning for this purpose can hope to get promotions quickly. For career advancement, employees can judge what skill sets are needed and become more engaged in the training. A road map for professional growth will be provided by competency based learning.
  • Big data: It refers to data produced by learners in interaction with e-learning content. Collection of this data is done by Learning Management Systems and other such media. Trend experts claim that around 69% of companies consider Big Data as critical to the success of their business.

These are some top e-learning trends for 2016.

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