How to Select an E-Learning Development Company for Your Firm


It is no longer a relevant question whether a modern enterprise needs e-learning courses for training its personnel. It is only pertinent that you should select the right e-learning development company for your training needs.

E-learning was till recent times, a niche product which has now grown to a $100 billion plus global industry. The major share of this industry is vocational and corporate training. It has emerged as a cost-effective, lower maintenance and convenient alternative to traditional classroom instruction. It is ideal for the knowledge based modern economy as well as intense business competition.

But not every firm has the ability to build e-learning courses in-house. As such they may be seeking to outsource their e-learning needs to a professional e-learning development company. This holds true of not only small and medium businesses with limited resources but also large corporations where regular departments do not have time to develop e-learning training material.


The following tips will help you choose the right e-learning development company:

  • Do you need the service?

First you must consider whether you actually need the services of an outsourcing e-learning company. Modern tools and techniques have made development of e-learning courses simple. There are some companies who do not require outsourcing of e-learning.  Large companies who don’t have a problem with funds, companies dealing with sensitive data and conventional education sector do not need outsourcing. These companies scan keep e-learning course creation in-house. But if you don’t fall into any such category, you can outsource some or all e-learning content.

  • Choose the right company:

You will be confused on which company to choose among several options. Firstly, ask around to others like your business partners. Try and sample some courses the company has developed and weigh whether quality criteria stipulated for your firm is met. Check the net, going through industry blogs, news outlets, and reviews of e-learning companies.

Avoid ‘infomercial’ content which is paid advertisement.

  • Get prepared:

Before you outsource your e-learning needs, you need to do some preparation. You must search, find, arrange, prepare and annotate your raw material. It may be Word, PDF or Power Point documents and even printed manuals and handwritten notes.

  • Be focused on what you need:

You must apprise your e-learning consultants what your actual needs are. Corporate training as different from academic training must be focused and result-oriented.

In sum, companies lacking internal resources or time can outsource their e-learning needs to professional e-learning companies. E-learning content development companies in India come to the rescue of such firms.

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