Benefits of Custom E-Learning Programs for In-House Training


E-learning has existed for the past few decades but it is only now that organizations are realizing the tremendous potential it holds to contribute to business success.

The days of stale, power point presentation has passed. Technological advancement as well as development of modern learning theory are impacting corporate training like never before. By making use of custom e- learning, firms are able to tailor their e-learning program according to business strategy and enjoy greater returns for their investment in training employees.

But developing custom e-learning programs by in-house talent has its own limitations. Nowadays the trend is to outsource development of such programs to content development companies.

Here are the top reasons why custom e-learning programs are outsourced by in house trainers:

  • E-learning development at the pace of business requirements: In-house trainers can outsource big e-learning projects to e-learning companies who have a good turnaround time. This means good e-learning courses within short time and on any medium- tablet or mobile.


  • Low head count: Many firms cannot provide excuse for wide head count required for e-learning development. By outsourcing, the internal training team is given access to a wide range of expertise at very less cost.
  • Access wide source of resources for creating an authentically engaging experience: Getting into partnership with an e-learning development firm means your firm has recourse to a one stop team for all your development and design needs. The team includes videographers, graphic designers, and technical experts, who extend their assistance to the in house training team. With this collaboration, truly enjoyable and engaging training content can be developed.
  • Create content that is strong in pedagogical value: Most trainers are unaware of pedagogical techniques. But professional e-learning development companies use modern approach of pedagogy while creating custom courses which enhances application and retention of knowledge. Such a company breaks down complex concepts into simple, bite sized nuggets which increases efficiency of learning.
  • Align e-learning to business goals: A strategic partnership must be developed between the in house trainers and custom e-learning development companies to produce solid results. There must be an observable improvement in the business bottom-line.

Hence corporate trainers are turning to services of e-learning content development India. The customized content developed by such companies will go a long way to achieve business success.

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