What Is the Role of Animation in E-Learning?


Animation helps to optimize and access learning for learners who are busy and do not have much time to devote. It makes their set of skills broad as well as refreshes their understanding of tough concepts.

Animation in E-learning cannot only make it easy and accessible, but also it makes learning more interesting. This holds true for the use of animation in corporate training. It has proven to be efficient for several audiences and genres in Learning Management systems (LMS). It is able to simplify tough concepts, to present learning in form of small bits and to provide the emotion and tone of the learning scenario. In sum, it makes learning or training fun and enjoyable for the learners.


Animation Is Tone Setter:

 The Animation content in e-learning can be impactful in setting the tone for a course. It has audio and video content which embody various emotions that entice and empower learners.  Animation may be utilized to link to the emotions of learner, to provide inspiration to put in more hard work to their subject. For instance a story based, light hearted cartoon may be appealing to a young audience. But a graphic motion or a whiteboard animation is likely to impress a corporate training audience. But point to remember is that clear and concise dialogue combined with light background music will help learner while distracting music and poor visuals will annoy the learner.

Animation for Knowledge Assimilation and User Accessibility:

Custom designed animations enhance e-learning at many levels. At the process of designing e-learning courses, creation of customized, audience relevant animation maximizes learning for a special audience. Animation also makes e-learning course interactive which is the main benefit of LMS. With animations, users have control on the pace of learning. For instance, they can re-wind or pause an animation. Many animation courses also break down knowledge into bite –sized nuggets (5 to 10 minutes). The animation can be accessed anywhere or any time like even during a daily commute. The tip is to keep it short and sweet allowing learners to better retain information.

These are the main reasons why animation is growing popular as an e-learning medium. Companies can make use of the services of 3D animation development company. Animation is thus more and more relevant in the education and training field.

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