As technology is changing every moment, there has been a sea change in modes of education, particularly due to the arrival of e-learning. This change has been rapidly invading educational systems like K-12 system in the U.S.

What factors make e-learning the future of Education? The American system is an example. Here are a few relevant factors:

  • Increased use of computer applications: More and more people have access to desk tops and lap tops. Increased use of smart phones is an additional factor. In the US, students who have completed matriculation using a tablet are more in number than peers who have learnt in the traditional class room environment. This trend is likely to spread fast to K-12 systems in developing countries as well.
  • Exciting opportunities via e-learning methods: with the arrival of e-learning, students have access to new and exciting opportunities for learning like game based learning or animation based learning. Such types of learning are remembered and retained more by learners. Breaking down complex concepts to bite-sized nuggets helps in effective learning.


  • More productivity: Student learning has become more productive using individual tablets and touch screens. Students are curious about new technology and want to benefit from it. Games and interactive methods make teaching and learning more enjoyable and attractive.
  • Introduction of MOOC: In the U.S, the educational sector has been revolutionized with MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). With MOOC, teaching and learning has become more simple and enjoyable. This is a flexible method of education that saves time and cost of education.
  • Virtual tutoring on the rise: with the internet, online tutoring ahs arrived in a big way with multiple advantages for students. For students, struggling with assignments and home work, e-learning used by online tutors is proving to be a great blessing. This combines the utility of e-learning along with a form of classroom instruction.

These are some of the advantages of e-learning for the K-12 system. K-12 e-learning companies in India are offering their services to the Indian educational sector. They cite the experience of the American system to plead their cause.

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