Creation of Employee Development Training


Apart from high remuneration, scope for advancement in career and job security, new age employees of modern corporate organizations seek opportunities for Learning and Development.

As a result of high competition in the job market today, organizations are all the time trying to provide opportunities for training and learning. This is aimed not only to enhance the skills of the employees but also make available opportunities for growth. The idea is that the more the employees are engaged in the workplace, the more productive they are.

Thus, training especially via e-learning is done to make the employee or learner more engaged to his workplace. Even if training does not impart any new skill or information in his field of work, employee development training has a long lasting influence on majority of employees.

The following are a few strategies of e-learning to make training interesting and effective.


The method of imparting e-learning is to tone down serious subjects and grab the attention of the learner at the earliest. Also the content of the e–learning module must not overwhelm the learner.


A sure way to grab learner interest is by providing a bit of information- using a short animation or an informative graphic- and asking some insightful questions about the topic. This make the learner hooked on to the topic.


One barrier in corporate training by e-learning is when learner does not connect to the topic. For this, scenarios can be created to make the learner familiar with the topic and bring it to context and to relate to it. One can build a realistic scenario with the real stories to connect more deeply with the subject.


E-courses mostly involve interactive elements from simple slides to complicated audio-visual elements. The interactive elements must be kept simple so as not to overwhelm the learner.


Employee development programs require being sustainable and allowing employees to derive information for long term use. Info graphics can provide information to the learner in a more attractive way. With more graphics as well as less textual information, the employee can learn and retain knowledge better.

These are some aspects about creating employee development training. One can rely on e-learning content development India to help create training modules for employees.

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