Factors Determining Choice of E-Learning Outsourcing Companies

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Selecting the right e-learning company for your business is quite a challenge. Many companies outsource their e-learning programs to save money and time. This is because in-house deployment of a corporate e-learning course can be quite daunting in terms of cost efficiency, manpower and expertise.

As of now, e-learning has already proven its effectiveness in raising professional level of employees. Big corporates like Hilton and Heineken are spending millions in developing e-learning programs. But instead of developing e-learning in-house, most companies find it reliable to outsource work to professional e-learning companies.

Even educational content development companies in India train aspirants to develop skills in e-learning project work. They can find employment in professional outsourcing companies specializing in e-learning projects.

This mainly offers the main advantage that clients of such companies can devote attention to other crucial areas of business without compromising on quality of online training content.

The following are some factors to consider while hiring an outsourcing provider of e-learning:

Clarity of Communication

All stakeholders of e-learning project need to know what to expect in the project. This includes details like which tools will be used for communication, how often will you communicate and who will be the liaison agent for communication. These are some of the clear guidelines for communication that must be set up as early as possible. You must meet with outsourcing provider to discuss crucial points, so that nothing is left to ambiguity. For example, you must set the rule that e-mails received on weekends will be processed on Monday. Or your main point of contact will be the Project manager for the e-learning program.

Relevant Experience

It is also good that your e-learning outsourcing provider must have experience in your field. They might have experience in projects like yours in the past or have Subject Matter Experts with skills in your area or niche of business. Never hesitate to request for samples of related work and set up a meeting with their in-house expert. Their portfolio of past e-learning projects must give a clear idea of the skills they have that can apply to your own e-learning project. In case they don’t have experience in your niche, they must at least indicate applicability of other projects to your project.

Security Issues

One concern is whether your data is safe with your e-learning outsourcing provider. The latter must have data safety protocols in place to ensure that all your information stays in-house, safe from the hands of hacks and corrupted hard drives. For instance, they must back up everything on the cloud or in an encrypted server. It is also good if you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) such that your data is safe guarded. Such an agreement must include clauses like return of all online training material on closure of e-learning project.

Passionate Team

In the perfect scenario, the outsourcing company must have a truly dedicated team who are passionate about the work they are doing. They must really enjoy working on the e-learning project and must be able to focus always on the content they are developing. But it is also a fact that popular outsourcing companies maybe juggling many projects at once. All the same there must not be any compromise on quality of deliverables and open communication. Make a request for all crucial information like who will be working on your e-learning project, their experience, their contact information and what tasks are assigned to each of them. You can even schedule a kick-off meeting with the whole team, so they are aware of your vision about the project.

These are all some factors which will help you in selecting off-shore e-learning development services. These tips will ensure that you gain the best e-learning ROI.

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