E-Learning Techniques: What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages


If you are looking for ways to add value to your child’s formal education, you may try the various options available in online education or e-learning techniques. Innumerable students of all ages are taking recourse to these non-conventional ways of learning offered by e-learning company India to educate themselves at every stage, from the kindergarten level till the post graduation stage.

Typically, the following categories of people opt for e-learning tools:

  • Such people who, for some reason, are unwilling or unable to attend formal classrooms
  • Such people who cannot get access to the contact classes on programs he wants to learn
  • Such working individuals who do not have time to attend formal classes
  • Such people who are stuck at home due to some circumstances and so, cannot attend contact programs.
  • Such individuals who want to take the courses just to enrich themselves more and more.

There are three main factors in making the e – learning technologies a success:

  • Instructor
  • Technology
  • Curriculum

If these elements can be integrated in the right way, then what it yields is the best type of e – learning tool in your hand.

E-learning techniques are not meant for all

If your child is a sincere student, who knows the value of the money spent by you on his education, and is also keen to make his own career, thus absorbing whatever added value he gets, then e-learning techniques are just right for him / her.

If, however, the child is not that serious about his studies, and is not at all disciplined in his study habits, or is dependent on you or tutors for his studies, then it would be difficult for him to benefit much from the e-learning techniques.

The student needs to be highly self-sufficient in his study habits and is ready to take the responsibility of listening to instructions given to him by a machine. The qualities required for being the ideal student for online education system are:

  • Being self – motivated
  • Being able to do time management on his own
  • Being well organized

E – learning techniques meant for educators

Those who impart knowledge to the kids and young adults, must always keep themselves updated with the lessons.

For this purpose, tools of e-learning for educators are available, which are basically online lessons that will tell you more about the lessons that you want to teach. These are well crafted and well design piece of information.

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