How Are Instructor-Led Online Training Methodologies Better Than Classroom Training


Although online education system is very much in vogue nowadays, yet many of you still feel worried to go for this highly unconventional way of learning. A virtual classroom still is a concept that people cannot identify themselves with, even if theclassroom has an instructor or a teacher who is well renowned in his field, with a great deal of expertise and a vast experience in teaching. Yet, the classroom, giving a feeling that there is no layer between the learner and the instructor, is still favored by many.

While there is no denying the fact that such classroom training lives under a good teacher, can be the best thing possible for a student who can assimilate everything taught in the class and can retain all the things told, verbatim. However, not all students have these qualities. For them, the best thing would have been the repetition of the same lesson over and over again for him to grasp the entire matter. In such cases, e-learning becomes the best option.

Advantages of e-learning over classroom training

  • Under the online instructor-led training system, you can learn the lessons at your own pace. Not all students have the same learning pace and capability. So, they can set their own pace and time frame to absorb the modules
  • Even if you are a quick learner, e-learning methodologies can work very well for you. You can learn more than one lesson at one go, which would have been impossible in live classes. This would enhance your learning speed and the time taken to complete the course can be lessened considerably.
  • There are individuals who are working during the day as well as evening hours. For them to better than skill level and knowledge – base, the only way is to go for distance learning through online instructors.

New trends and techniques in online education system

The latest trends in online training have introduced many interesting tools that are extremely easy to handle and can assist in your learning process. Now the desktop of the trainer can be shared with the students online so that while the former uses are as a blackboard, the students can follow the notes minutely while listening to the teacher explaining. They can also write down their problems and queries on the desktop for the teacher to see and solve them.

In this way, you can also learn advanced techniques in animation from the instructors of any 3D animation development company.

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