7 Incredible Benefits Of E-Learning

E-learning companies in India
E-learning companies in India

More and more employers are turning to digital technology and the internet to find innovative solutions for their training needs. E-learning is mostly the answer to their problems. As such, there is much demand for best e-learning companies.

What Is E-Learning?

E-learning refers to use of technological processes to access learning material outside the traditional office or classroom. This modality of training is also called as web-based training or online learning.

E-learning is at present a $100 billion industry. E-learning does not totally discredit the traditional classroom learning but has emerged as a convenient and innovative option for businesses and organizations in almost all sectors.


  1. Flexibility

E-learning can be completed in short chunks of time which can fit around your daily schedule. As opposed to in-house or physically scheduled training programs, you need not devote a total day for training which has been organized by your company. Alternatively, there will be a set quantum of learning, typically divided into modules, such that you can work on the ones that you wish to focus on.

  1. Mobility

E-learning is delivered on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops and so it is a highly mobile method. Learning can be completed anywhere or anytime, on a train or a plane or any other time that could be wasted. So now instead of being confined to a classroom, the whole world can serve as a classroom.

  1. No Travel

E-learning can be completed from anywhere, if you have a suitable device. Hence the training can be fitted into your schedule and you can save money on transport to the training centre. This is in contrast to traditional training programs that are organized at locations far from you and you have to spend money and time to reach there. The costs are magnified if training is organized in another city or country with regard to both travel and accommodation.

  1. Less expensive

By using e-learning software for creating your own training program, e-learning program becomes virtually free after the break-even point. Synchronous versions may cost a bit more for arranging live instructor, but the costs are much lesser than classroom training.

Since you are not using equipment, room or trainer’s time, e-learning is often the cheaper option. When learners already have their own devices, training costs get reduced dramatically. So, if your company is on a budget, e-learning is most suitable. When there are thousands of employees to be trained, cost per head becomes very low like for Microsoft Office training.

  1. Personalized training

In case you are already adept at some parts of the training course, with e-learning you can skip such parts and move on to new topics which you wish to focus on. This facility of self-pacing endears the e-learning course to learners and employees.

  1. Technological possibilities

Technological changes like new apps are helping to reinforce learning. Changes in computer technology are helping in bringing out useful features of e-learning. E-learning companies in India are always ready to adopt any new trends.

  1. Global use

Employees without any limitations of location or nationality can be trained using e-learning which delivers consistent training modes.

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