7 Amazing Benefits Of Game-Based Learning

Game Based Learning Courses
Game Based Learning Courses
Game Based Learning Courses

Game-based learning refers to gameplay with defined goals of learning.  It is designed to present subject matter in the mode of a game which helps learners to master concepts. Learning is conducted in a simulated or virtual environment.

There are 2 kinds of game-based learning- through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). VR resembles real life settings while AR offers an enhanced version of reality.

Game based learning is fundamentally a computerized imitation of a real-world process or system. With regard to businesses, such games mimic real world processes in numerous fields like training and sales and enable employees to hone their skills in financial analysis, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, strategic thinking and decision making.

Following are the top benefits of game-based e learning:

Helps in Retention

Companies waste much money in training employees when they leave their jobs. But game-based training is embedded in machines which permit employees from the past, present or fresh recruits to benefit from combined knowledge pool.

Use of Familiar Devices

Game based learning is possible through devices with which employees are already familiar like their smartphones. Such learning become simple because of the familiarity with devices. Using apps installed in their phones, employees can make use of machine and digital tools of today to boost productivity and improve their personal growth.

Enhances Focus and Attention

Computer games are often criticized since they have negative impact on players in form of violent behaviour, lack of physical exercise and addiction. But other studies reveal that playing video games actually have many benefits such as increased capacity of brain to choose relevant visual information. Users learn to focus attention on relevant aspects avoiding distractions and enhance their alertness and attention to detail.

Stimulates Imagination

Game based learning permits learners and instructors to visualize 3D models at scale and in real time. This aids in making learning more reliable, more contextual and more enjoyable. A world that is enhanced virtually promotes the learners to use their imagination and discover fresh possibilities in an interactive and fun mode. Such learning used by game-based learning companies enables deep learning, leading to better retention.

Durable Learning

When used successfully, game-based learning can offer a learning experience, which can last a lifetime. For example, by reprising actual sales scenarios, trainers can make learners experience the real situation. Simulation based games put participants in problem based, realistic scenarios where they are required to use their problem-solving skills. Thus, learners gain insights that will last a lifetime.

 Avoid Failure in Reality

Games resemble reality which implies that the company benefits by permitting employees make mistakes and learn from them in the virtual world, rather than actual situations. This helps companies save money and reputation. When employees are trained well in virtual scenarios, they are less likely to fail in the real world.

Engagement and Motivation

Compared to traditional modes of training, game-based learning has the power to engage and motivate learners in several ways. The learners of today are the Millennial or Z generation. They have grown up with close ties to technology. So, computer games are the best way to train them. Games help to engage and motivate them.

These are all the benefits of game-based learning.

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