Why Is Animation Important?


Animation is the creation of moving images or pictures with the help of modern technology or/ and animation software. 2D animation is the creation of moving images in a 2- dimensional environment using technology such as computerized animation software.

3D animation, on the other hand, creates moving pictures in a 3 dimensional environment. It is made by sequencing frames or consecutive images, in gradually progressing steps, filming being done by a virtual camera and producing output to video, via a rendering engine.


Animation can be used for creating the following:

  • Walkthroughs
  • Product presentation
  • Business presentation
  • Web animations and banners
  • E-learning content
  • Flash players
  • Animated banners
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Online demos
  • Animated clips
  • Flash websites

Advantages of using animations for training:

  • It creates user engagement. It improves the stickiness of websites and makes learning more enjoyable.
  • It is very visual in its language and helps users understand really well how to do a task. Simulations, demos, walkthroughs and presentations provide a real experience to the user.
  • Online demos are much less expensive than a demoby a real trainer or sales person.
  • Improvements in Flash technology enable its use, even in E-commerce. No longer are animations just for special aesthetic effects but can also deliver marketing solutions.
  • Gaining access to what can’t be viewed: Animations can enable visual access to small or hidden parts of machinery that can clearly demonstrate the working of a process or product.
  • Animations can provide a virtual tour or process over-view of a line of manufacture and demonstrate howimportant processes are linked to one another.
  • Animation can be used to dramatize the right method of performing potentially dangerous procedure or task.
  • Animation helps to magnify the crucial details of the smallest part in a manufacturing setting.

Four Ways to Produce Animations (From Cheapest to Costliest):

  • Series of CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings or photos: The simplest way to create an animation is to create a sequence of CAD drawings or photos. They can be used next to each other or combined to a video format.
  • Line drawings, CAD drawings or photos with graphic enhancements:to illustrate gas/liquid flow, specific processes or features.
  • 2D animation: Materials and products can be illustrated using Illustrator or Photoshop and after that, included in a 2D animation project for advanced enhancement. This can be done by any 2D animation company.
  • 3D animation: It consists of using 3D models for your materials, products or machines. 3D animation is complicated but its results are very impressive.

These are some of the aspects about role of animation.

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