What Are The Benefits Of E-Learning?


Class room based training is becoming redundant for the modern corporate organization. The costs of traditional classroom based training have become more prohibitive even if employees had the time to attend seminars and courses.

This has transformed the way organizations train employees. The modern modality of e-learning has made training flexible, efficient and convenient. The aim of corporate e-learning is to supply employees with cost-effective and up-to date program which yields loyal, skilled and motivated workforce. Thus, companies are relying more on e-learning development services.

Here are some benefits of e-learning:

Anywhere, Anytime and Anyone

The net provides logical solution for the training objectives of a company. Computers are being used by 80% of the global professional workforce. Technical obstacles like band width, infrastructure, standards, etc. will not be issues in the near future. The growth of the net and high speed desk top computers will enable the availability of learning for seven days a week, 24 hours a day, all around the world. Thus, companies can deliver training anytime and anywhere around the globe. Employees can access learning content as per their convenience.

Major cost savings

When training is delivered online or electronically, it is less costly per learner because of scalable distribution and avoiding of high expenditure on consultants and trainers. The biggest cost advantage is that of avoiding the need to assemble all employees and trainers in the same classroom. Around 50 to 70% costs can be saved by replacing classroom based training with electronic training. Workers can enhance their productivity and use time more efficiently sincethey do not need to travel or combat rush hour traffic to reach their class.

Access to timely information

Web based training enables trainers to update lessons and materials across the complete network instantly. This ensures freshness of content and gives students quick access to the current data. When required, information can be retrieved rather than learning in a classroom to be forgotten easily, later on.

High retention via personalized learning

Electronic learning can cater to persons with different learning styles.  The content delivered through e-learning mode can offer high level of simulation which may be tailored to the level of proficiency of the learner. Because the content is accessible 24×7, employees can learn at their own pace and review information as often as they desire. Thus, students have more control over their learning process and can understand the material better. A higher retention is possible because content is delivered in small chunks called modules.

These are some of the benefits of e-learning in delivering training to workers and employees. Hence, there is rising popularity of e-learning development company.

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