What are the benefits derived from adopting 2D Animation?


3D animation seems to have gained significance in almost all spheres of business and movies since its introduction during the 1990s. Motion pictures across the globe tend to use this advanced technique to generate life-like images to allow viewer an amazing experience. But this does not mean that 2D animations have become obsolete. They are still in vogue and in great demand by businesses the world over.

Benefits offered by 2D animation


This is one major benefit offered by 2D animation. It has less complex design when compared to 3D animation. However, it is the project that determines design complexity. For example, 3D animations benefit action films a lot since viewers get attracted to complex images and detailed action. But if design is to highlight the desired message, then 2D animation services are preferred. A clean design, for example, is found to be more effective to advertise since it conveys clearly the intended message of the advertiser to viewers. Even certain games like Candy Crush are based on simple design, thereby appealing its audiences. Television shows like South Park have achieved success using 2D animated design. Certain explainer videos or educational applications need a simple design that is not likely to distract viewers from desired message to be conveyed. Consulting the best animation development company can help you to get help on your 2D animation projects.


2D animations being simple can be produced easily. Animation in general, requires lots of creativity and skills to produce the desired characters, objects and magical world to appeal target audiences. Such animations can convey accurately messages and stories. Besides these numerous styles and techniques are developed to offer wide range of tools to allow animators to choose and use. But 2D animations do require enhanced skills and knowledge similar to 3D animation. But it is easier and faster to generate 2D animations since 3rd dimension is not desired. Moreover, lifelike images are not necessary. For example, the cityscapes created in 2D do not comprise of detailed buildings. Thus, being faster, it is possible to complete the projects on time.


2D animation is quite simple, efficient and cost-effective. Those who cannot afford 3D animation can opt for this one. The latter is considered to be less complex and also takes less time to create objects. Thus, fewer resources will be required, thereby saving good amount of money in the process. Most projects use 2D rather than 3D animation due to their tight budgets. Hence, 2D animators can complete projects within the budget set by their clients and offer excellent results.

Artistic freedom:

Every animation type brings with wide range of creative possibilities. 3D animation is quite realistic and life-like, irrespective of the people, objects or scene depicted. But with 3D tools, it is not possible to create anime styles as well as exaggerated and fanciful objects. This is something created with ease with 2D animation. New worlds can be created quickly.

Choosing the best 2d animation company will allow your business to complete the projects even in shoe-string budget.

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