What Are The Animation And 2d Animator Requirements?

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The animation is a designing process, also used to make drawings, making layout and exact sequence preparations which integrated into multimedia and gaming products. Animation includes the exploitation and manages still images to generate the illusion movement. An animator is a person that creates animation. It has a broad scope in the film industry, media, magazine and animation development companies. Animator has to use different computer techniques and software application to capture the still images and then to work for animation and create the desired sequence.

Multimedia is nothing but represents the combination of visual and audio materials that have been gathered from different sources and come into a single mixture after editing. Any product could be anything it could be sets of graphic arts, texts, graphic arts, animation, sounds and maybe videos. It is used to refer to audio and visual materials into a single standard presentation which could be seen or played over the computer. It could be transferred through pen drive, CD, or using the internet, web technologies, data projections, etc.

The modern entertainment world is incomplete without animation from films to television animation has given them a new height of advancement. Graphics and multimedia are two fields that could be renewed and add multiple things but never gets faded. Today every channel on television, advertisements, cartoons, presentation, websites, and architecture everything is incomplete without animation and multimedia techniques.

 Types of animation

  • Traditional animation: This is also known as cell animation or hand-drawn animation.
  • Stop motion animation: this used in claymation and cut-outs
  • Motion graphics: used to make animated logos and typographic.
  • Computer animation
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation

 2D Animation is Animation conducted without volume; the primary method of 2D animation is cel animation. But it is quite hard and costlier. 2D animation helps to create movement two-dimensional artistic space. Animator working in this filed must have the creativity and technical skills there are many institutes where a student could learn different software applications used in this field. There are many different 2D animation companies individually work in this field and hire more animators to make training videos and company sponsored training classes. Some significant creation using 2D technology would be flash animation, powerpoint, analog computer animation, and animated GIF. All of these can be created using adobe flash, Adobe Photoshop, ToonBoom, etc. all of these are computer-based software applications.

 2D animation training

A student trying to learn 2D animation could enroll from any recognized institute that provides a certificate, proper practical knowledge. There are several bachelors and master programs from different colleges, and many online training videos are available. 2D animation classes include both technical and artistic courses on topics like,

  1. Life drawing techniques,
  2. Character designs,
  3. Digital animation,
  4. Stop motion animation,
  5. Digital video,
  6. Web animation

After completing the animation program, you may look of prestigious jobs. Many companies working in design field require employees. There are no such hardship job roles, but you need to sharp and perfect in the skill of designing and better know how to play with the pictures.

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