In every company, there arises the need for educating, inspiring and building up the employees. Since over a decade, e-learning has been providing impactful and innovative learning for employees of the corporate sector. Based on the power of technology, e-learning has been able to cater to divergent needs in various industries, including the automotive sector.


The automotive sector particularly benefits from the new modes of training. For instance, the industry has benefitted from game based e-learning. Game based training for automotive technology demonstrates to learners, the inner workings of the automotive technologies and components. This sector leverages the same game based, interactive format which is visually appealing and constantly updated to ensure most comprehensive training.

Features of the auto-motive industry:

  • The major challenge faced by the industry- for creating and delivering training- is the tremendous number of trainees. Also, these trainees are spread across wide geographical locations. To coordinate such widely spread trainees is expensive and time consuming.
  • The profile of the audience in this industry is also different- from managers in offices to workers on the shop floor. The divergent education and aptitude of staff gives rise to different learning objectives which are impossible to encompass in a single learning
  • Training content is also different: most of it needs practical experience which can be acquired only on the factory floor. This might be a great way to learn, but it implies expenditure of much time and resources.

What can be done by e-learning?

  • E-learning can be accessed by learners far and wide. Delivery of content can be either through the net or via CD’s. Also, courses can be downloaded and accessed offline, in case internet connectivity is poor. A Learning  Management System (LMS) can be put in place to impart training without any extra  human effort.
  • E-learning enables delivery of content in convenient modules. For example, in case of induction training, business objectives and goals of the organization can be imparted in detail to white collar employees while audio-visual clips can be used to educate blue collar workers.
  • E-learning enables virtual touring of the factory. Managers can conduct tours of the factory by virtual means, while they are in office, at home, or travelling. Thus they can gain information about the nitty gritty of the company and also save valuable time. This is suitable for e- learning automotive industry
  • E-learning helps provides the twin benefits of Soft skills training and technical training. This is a method for speedy and steady delivery of content throughout the length and breadth of the automotive industry.

These are some aspects about the use of e-learning for the automotive industry.

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