How To Use E-Learning For Entry Level Employees

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It is well known that entry level jobs are important to the success of a business. But HR managers face a tough task of hiring candidates for such jobs and most crucially, for retaining them for a long time.

Following are some ideas for help in hiring and retaining candidates for entry level jobs:

  • Designing content about the business in the pre-hiring stage:

There is need for advertising and promotion of the job, just like any other product. Or else, you will have limited reach ad also a limited pool of candidates to choose from. Thankfully, you don’t need a big budget for such promotion. It will suffice to have simple You Tube videos w hic describe the company, its culture as well as experiences of employees working for it. One can also take help of other social media.

You can design mini assessments and quizzes based on content or videos, which is already out there on the internet. This will spark interest, intrigue candidates and help you ascertain who has done enough hard work about the company before applying for the job and who has serious interest in working for the company. Content development companies in India can help in developing such content.

  • Using e-learning courses for effective on-boarding

Very often, many entry level employees quit within a few months if not properly guided. Companies can avoid such high turnover of employees at entry level jobs, when they have in place, a great on-boarding program.

It is not possible for HR teams to completely engage with new employees. In such scenarios, having small yet crucial e-learning modules ( HR policies, employee benefits, cyber security, code of conduct  etc.) will be useful for new hires to go through, when they are totally lost and have no one to guide them.

New hires can be handed such modules and the modules can be completed over a few weeks. In addition, a collection of resources can prove useful when the new hires can refer to them in case of doubts about the company, their jobs, or simply to better get to know services/ products of the company.

  • Consider long term issues

In best interests of the company, on-boarding process must begin right from the point when an employee accepts a job offer to at least 6 months or a year of employment. One can design a long term e-learning curriculum, which will determine a vivid career path and progression of employee within the company.

When employees are aware of growth potential inside the company, they are more prone to continue and stay with the latter.

These are some ideas about using e-learning for hiring and retaining candidates for entry level jobs.

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