Making A Perfect Match Of Mobile Learning And Gamification

Mobile E-learning solutions

Mobile learning and gamification still reign as two of the most crucial trends in e-learning for 2018. Gamification which implies inclusion of gaming elements inside non-gaming contexts, is not a new idea but remains in hot demand. Popularity of mobile learning is inexorable because of the technological shift towards unfettered devices like tablets and smart phones.

So what do you gain by going mobile and using gamification?  Mostly, you don’t need to choose between these two options. Mobile learning and gamification go hand in hand. When combined, there is intensification of benefits.

Here are top reasons why mobile learning and gamification make for a perfect match:

  • Give motivation to employees for finishing training and give them control:

Mobile learning and gamification are the best combination for providing employees control over their training process which is a key to generate motivation.

Mobile learning provides convenience and flexibility to complete learning anywhere at any time. Gamification is an experience that is learner centered, which includes decision making and exploration for reaching a result. Instead of pushing information towards the learner, the mobile-gamification combination permits learners to garner information at their own pace, providing a more enjoyable and satisfying learning experience.

  • Enhances engagement and improves learning via integration through social media.

Since mobile learning is usually accessed on personal mobile devices, learners can gain access to use of social media tools they like, providing another avenue for enhancing educational process.

For instance, imagine that your company has launched a project to boost competencies of employee leadership. For this, you can design an array of mobile responsive games, each of which teaches core content related to an important leadership issue in the form of an interactive and fun challenge. Ideas for such games include posting of points in social media networks for discussing with co-workers or managers. You can build up an atmosphere of healthy competition via such games.

  • Ensuring application and remembering of key learning messages

Even though you have rolled out the most comprehensive e-learning program which includes all crucial information, it does not mean that such content may be understood or remembered. In this regard, the solution is the perfect pairing of mobile learning and gamification.

Mobile education applications permit access to training on demand while gamification is a practical, fun way for learning. Games involving virtual environments offer an ideal, simulated practice arena for application of knowledge.

For instance, when you need to use games to introduce a new process, you can set up learners in a situation where they have to deal with various problem solving activities to reach relevant goals. You can even set up a timer to make decisions or get rewards or points as they progress in their training.

These are all some aspects about combining mobile learning with gamification to deliver an excellent e-learning training program.

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