Animation has the power to capture attention, entertain and transport one to worlds of fantasy. But its most practical application is the sphere of e-learning which implies both education and training.

Animations can become valuable e-learning tools which enhance emotional connections and enthuses online learners to feel excited about the process of learning. E-learning development company can be approached for designing animation filled e-learning content.


  • One misconception is that animations will distract from learning content. But this is far from the truth; if you design e-learning content investing enough energy and time. Animations pack a punch of entertainment and humor in the e-learning content and bring about positive conditions for e-learning. The content is made more engaging and interactive.
  • Animation helps to design bite-sized e-learning courses. It is possible for e-learners to pause, play and re-watch animation sequences as per their need and anywhere like traveling or during commute. Animation simplifies complex ideas into easily digestible chunks through visual formats.



  • Choose themes that match the tone and situation:

Animations are effective only if they convey the right tone and emotion.  A light hearted animation will not suit a grave topic like dealing with dangerous equipment or bio-hazards.

The tone also implies the right sound-effects and background music. All these elements must match the emotional atmosphere and tone of the content.

  • Focus on one topic or character at a time:

Animation must focus on a single topic or character at a time. Also try not to incorporate too much graphics or moving images in the animation. Too busy screens will overwhelm the learner and distract from the message of the content.

  • Encourage interactivity:

Animations in e-learning content may be powerful but run the risk of being assimilated passively. Animation characters may forge an emotional connect but they are not effective until there is interaction. Learners must answer thought provoking questions, do clicking on trigger objects and have control over playback of animation. The aim is to include tactile elements that get them active in the interactive process.

  • Pair audio with visuals:

The most compelling visuals fail if not combined with the right audio like narration and background music. Audio has the power to engage e-learners. Captions and sub-titles may be needed to enhance retention.

  • Simplify complex concepts:

Complex topics can be simplifies using animations. An animated time-line of any subject will take understanding to a new level.

E-learning content can be made more attractive and engaging using the services of 3D and 2D animation company in India. The right animation can enhance substantially the value of e-learning content.

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