Top Benefits of E-Learning for Automotive Sector

e learning automobile

The automotive industry is in a state of rapid flux with emerging technologies like electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. E-learning through Learning Management System (LMS) is proving useful to train the staff of the automotive industry to face these changes.

Among the main changes in the automotive sector are electrification and automation or self-driving technologies. It is predicted that by 2030, fifty percent of all cars will be totally electrified. On the other hand, driverless vehicles are set to re-define human relationship with driving and reduce risk of human error on roads. Also, there might be changes in connectivity of vehicles with traffic infrastructure. All these will also happen fast even as waiting time for vehicles are growing shorter.

Therefore, changes in the industry are impacting the traditional consumer mindset while buying vehicles. Sales approaches need to be modified and there is need for advance product knowledge for catering to this fresh consumer behaviour. Thus, there have never been as opportune a moment as today for using online training or LMS to train staff in the automotive sector.

What Is LMS?

 An LMS is a software platform for creating, hosting, managing and reporting on delivery of online training courses. Making use of the latest progress in digital technology, companies can supply a variety of learning content from a single training portal, compatible with multiple devices for employees to enjoy a just-in-time access to learning when they require it the most. Today, there is much scope for e learning automobile engineering, through LMS.

Benefits of LMS

The LMS is ideal for the automotive industry because of several reasons:

  • Scalability

The automotive industry is one among the biggest consumer-oriented industries in the world. By default, it operates on a global scale. From Australia to Japan and Los Angeles to Paris, brands like Toyota, BMW and Ford employ millions of employees and have thousands of offices worldwide. The range of needed training and skills are plenty and vast. Whether at a dealership or a factory, e-learning can help the automotive industry handle all needs of training employees in a most cost and time efficient manner. Thus, training scales to millions of learners in this industry.

  • Quick updating

Not only are the changes in technology like electrification and driverless operation but also changes in local laws and updating of models make it very tough for all employees to stay updated. But using an LMS, automotive companies can instantly add and deliver fresh learning content to learners (employees) across the world at the rapid pace at which the whole industry is evolving. This saves time and money for manual updating of training material.

  • Timely learning

Because customer experience is important in this trade, workshops stay basic to the automotive training process. However, using classroom training has its pitfalls being highly time consuming where employees have to devote many days for training and even travel long distances. Also, they have just one chance to glean information.

But LMS is compatible with a range of devices like mobiles and laptops. So automotive companies can host an array of online learning materials, which can be accessed by employees when and where they like. This has been proven to reduce time for training by 40% to 60% and also makes employees highly productive.

These are all some of the benefits of e-learning for automotive industry. Using LMS, businesses can offer stability to the industry and prepare employees for on-going transition.

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