Role of Blended Learning in Corporate Training


 Combining classroom training with e-learning called as blended learning is a potent mix, especially if it is designed to be in tune with corporate strategy.

Training or Learning and Development professionals face distracted, bored and less tech savvy employees in their path to implement e-learning. Such efforts will be time consuming and tricky.

Here are a few tips to make maximum use of blended learning:

  • Focus on objectives or the organization: For blended learning, one must focus on goals of the organization rather than on the tools and technology. The tools and technology must serve the training goals rather than the other way round.


  • Set goals in advance: You must know what tools you will use for training and how they will be used. You must set clearly defined goals before you launch blended learning program. Learners must know what the tools are and how they can benefit from them.
  • Flexible strategy of implementation: For success, most corporate blended strategies are fluid: they adapt to the changing needs of the organization. You can start by using the strategy on a focus group and getting their feedback on what works. This feedback can be used for making any improvements in the training program.
  • Online evaluation: Evaluation helps one judge whether the employee has absorbed and retained any information or whether additional support is required. Online tests take the risk out of assessment via simulations and other methods, so that testing is not done in the real scenario involving actual customers.
  • Assess employee preferences: While organization goals and strategies are important, also crucial are personal preferences and needs of corporate learners. Determine what they need from training by conducting surveys, personal interviews etc. Are they receptive to blended learning? Do they need special facilities if they are differently-abled employees?
  • Create a community for blended learning: Employees must feel to be   a part of a larger community being trained with new technology tools. For instance, one can start an online forum where ideas and experiences are shared.

These are some tips on how to implement a blended learning strategy for corporate training. Corporate sector can outsource their training needs to e-learning development companies. Together with in-house training department, an effective blended learning strategy can be implemented.

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