Read on to know why companies are now reverting to induction training for their newly hired employees

induction training

In simple terms, induction training is what a candidate is undergone before being handed over their work. Many companies over the world have given it a serious thought and decided to make it a compulsory part of their hiring process. This enables the officials to train the new candidates and make them understand the quality of work and performance expected from them. It gives the employee a peek into the daily life of every employee in the company and how things are done in the organization.

Advantages for the company

For an employer’s point of view, following are the pros which induction training offers:

  1. Saves resources: The induction process provides every information a candidate needs to know before settling in the company. This prevents wasting time and money to let each candidate know about the norms in the organization, and helps in making the candidate efficient from day one.
  2. Improves employee turnover: Employee turnover rate has been improvement in numerous offices, due to induction training. This is because the candidate gets all the answers they are seeking, without much work from the employer. This helps in initiating a good image of the company.
  3. Ensures productivity: A better understanding of the performance standards, synergy with colleagues and comprehending the company culture is easily done with the help of induction training. In a small span of time, the candidate will ease into the environment, fulfilling the requirements of the company.
  4. Enhances hiring process: Hiring processes are a very important part of every company as they are directly responsible for the future of the organization. Induction training ensures that the officials do not make any mistake while selecting the right candidate.

Advantages for the employee

  1. Offers a valuable opportunity: The induction training programme for new employees enables the candidate to become comfortable with the work environment. They get the chance to gain respect of their colleagues and become a valuable member of the team.
  2. Provides important information: Every question a candidate has before beginning work, is answered without hassles through induction training. They get to know the companies’ expectations from them and how to get the work done efficiently. The policies and rules of the company become clear at the end of the training.
  3. Helps in getting established: At the end of the induction training, the employee becomes accustomed to the company’s environment and quickly get settled in the workplace. They know where to go when there are problems, what to do and what not to do.

The cons of an induction training come with poor execution and dismal designing of the program. There can be a disappointing employee turnover, which can hamper the company’s success. But clearly, the pros outweigh the con of induction training, provided the program is well-executed and properly planned.

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