POSH Training: Why it’s so important for both Employees and Managers


Due to the recent rise in sexual harassment cases, the prevention of sexual Harassment Training (POSH) has attracted the attention of many companies, large and small. Employers and organizations should not treat sexual harassment cases at the workplace as trivial subjects. It is a criminal offence. Company should organize POSH training to establish equality between employees and foster stronger bonds among them. This will ensure a high-quality environment at the workplace for both men and women.

POSH training— what do you need to know about it?

Prevention of Sexual Harassment is a law for the protection of women in the workplace against sexual harassment. This law made under the POSH Act 2013 doesn’t just protect women but also provides for redressal in the event of a violation.

Organizations use POSH workshops to help educate their staff about sexual harassment at work and raise awareness regarding the issues. The training will also help employees understand the redressal procedure when an incident takes place with their colleagues or themselves. The training protects the company from legal issues and helps create a healthy work environment.

Significance of POSH training—

It is essential to train your employees about POSH and what actions would be taken by the authority if the law is violated in your organization. Training must be provided for both men and women to understand what is considered good conduct in the workplace. This ensures equality for both genders.

Sometimes, a woman may not know if a specific incident can be called sexual harassment. Sometimes colleagues, despite their desire to help, don’t know the law. In such instances, cases may go unreported. It explains why POSH training in India is important to ensure that women’s rights are protected and maintaining a healthy workplace environment for growth and success.

What are the advantages of imparting POSH Training?

Employee awareness—

Employees must be  made aware of POSH training. With such programs, the workplace will be more welcoming to women who can recognize sexual harassment and promptly report it. When the training is imparted to all employees together, anyone can report sexual harassment cases. It creates a safe work environment for all.

POSH courses educate employees about what constitutes sexual harassment, what fake complaints are, and how can they be prevented.

This training can boost the productivity of employees—

Awareness results in responsibility. When employees are more aware of POSH, cases of sexual harassment decrease considerably. Equal treatment of all genders creates a positive work environment that promotes good behaviour and encourages equality.

Because they feel safe, employees become more comfortable interacting, coordinating, and engaging with one another. Employee retention also improves when the staff feels more satisfied with the jobs. All this enhances the productivity of employees.

Companies can meet their legal obligations—

This training promotes the protection, prohibition, and prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. That means a company can stay protected from any legal complexities by having POSH awareness training available on-site. The employer and the organization will be exempt from any legal blunders that may lead to serious legal liabilities.

An investigation into sexual harassment in the workplace can harm the company’s reputation among existing and potential customers. It might also lead to financial and mental disruption for the employer. It is necessary to provide timely posh & sexual harassment training to employees to protect your company’s reputation.

Employee morale gets a boost—

POSH training teaches employees and managers how to prevent sexual harassment at work. The employees will know if a particular behaviour is worth reporting. And to make reporting easy, the management should set up a solid redressal mechanism in the organization. Employees will never feel secure if there is no redressal system.

POSH courses can be said to increase morale and teach compliance among management. It also improves coordination between employees, management, and co-workers. These factors create a pleasant environment for employees and promote positivity at the workplace.

These are just a few of the many reasons why POSH training is important for any company. Employee satisfaction is an important parameter based on which a company’s reputation may be judged.

So, now you know that POSH training has many benefits.

Let’s talk about how employees receive POSH training

An organization can choose from a variety of training options for its employees. The choices for POSH training include classroom instruction, virtual classroom training, seminars on training modules, etc. The nature of an organization will determine the type of training that to use. The following are some factors and organizations must take into account when deciding how to conduct this training.

You will be able to choose the best training method for your employees if you understand your company’s needs.

Online training will be highly beneficial if your company fulfils the following conditions—

  • Your company has branches in different locations that have different numbers of employees.
  • The company has sizeable employee strength.
  • Each year, numerous new employees are reined in.
  • The staff comprises multilingual employees.
  • Group training is required.
  • You wish to undertake the training frequently.

If you agree to all of these factors, eLearning or online training would be the best option for your organization.

Online POSH courses are a great way to train employees who live in different countries. Online training is accessible to a large number of employees at once. Simultaneously training multiple groups becomes easy. You can also repeat this training as many times as necessary.

Choose a solution that offers high-quality courses for corporate training. Instructor-led virtual training courses are the best, but employees should have the right to access them from any location, on any device. Online training makes it simple and easy to deliver training as needed, depending on your schedule.

Final words—

Sexual harassment has become commonplace at workplaces. Although both men and women may be subject to harassment, women are at a greater risk. POSH training ensures that both employees and managers work hand in hand to create a safer workplace for all. This training motivates both employees and managers to follow the law.

To ensure that your company has regular POSH training, it is better to use the eLearning option. This will allow employees to attend training without having to travel anywhere.

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