New Way of Learning for New Generation

e learning education

Education content and way of procuring education has been evolved over the years. To cope up with the pace of modern time avenues like distance education, smart classroom has gained immense popularity as it attracts the attention of pupils and make learning more amusing. However, with the time e learning in education has been in demand as it facilitates the learners to measure personal accomplishments and obtain education, skills, certificate or degree without attending college or school. The best part of e learning education is that it suits all. Also e learning helps to overcome geographical barriers as one can absorb, spread and communicate knowledge without going out anywhere. E learning is of great importance for the students as earlier knowledge was not accessible by all. Students with weaker economic background, geographical problems, and physical disabilities had no opportunities to gain knowledge and new skills however the same can now access a wide pool of knowledge through e learning.

Below is the portion of benefits of E learning:

  • Saves cost-   Earlier to impart knowledge one needs to create proper infrastructure with facilities like classrooms, chairs, tables and other necessities to have a comfortable interaction between teacher and students. However, with introduction of e learning in education one just needs a computer, laptop or a tablet and a running internet connection and then can access mines of knowledge and broaden their horizon.
  • Breaking geographical barriers-   Even in ancient times pupils use to travel miles or migrate to different countries to gain knowledge from specific Gurus or religious institutions. Even few years ago if someone needs to do any degree or a special course from another country or university one needs to travel there but owning to the impact of e learning one can do courses of different universities from different countries by sitting in room under their home roof.
  • Makes learning Flexible-   Going to educational institutions require committing to particular time schedule. However, E leaning allows student to be more mobile and can adjust their time to study which makes learning more easy and compatible to students.
  • Makes learning more interesting –   e  learning breaks the monotonous way of acquiring education as using e learning in education helps to share the knowledge with others through chats, forums and social media. Moreover, e learning comes with audio visual aid which students find interesting and helps them to grasp knowledge faster.
  • Eco-friendly–  Studying on computer reduce the need of paper drastically which is great for environment. Every year thousands of trees are used to make paper for books and reading material where as e learning education requires no paper thus proves to be a blessing for eco system.

Looking at the current scenario it is predictable that e earning has a bright future and will thrive in coming times. People from different walks of life are using this platform for making their professional and personal lives better than before through gain of knowledge and skills.


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