M-Learning – The New Phase Of E learning


While everyone is trying to find the differences between eLearning and mLearning to know which one is better, we can say that mLearning is the new phase of learning. The increase in the usage of technologies has led to find a mode of learning which doesn’t have any boundaries of time and location. Mobile learning has become the most convenient way to teach any person, of any age, at any time, living anywhere.

The popularity and benefits of mLearning are so much that best e learning companies are adopting the mobile learning as it is cost effective and rather cheaper than any other mode of training.

Gain knowledge has never been much easier. Though the mobile devices are small, they have got many features to make even the toughest lessons easy. These user friendly features of the mobile devices create an educational atmosphere that encourages individuals to learn better and faster.

Also, you can contact many learners at one single time from many locations to teach them the same lesson. The content in the mobile is responsive to device and is structured according to device dimensions. So, you can access the study material by the tap of your finger and learn while travelling, in the bus, on the train or at home. It is not necessary that you must attend classes or training sessions to learn new concepts.

This change was inevitable because, it is the time of mobile phones. We have long left behind the age of laptops and desktops. Today we see everyone holding a smart phone in their hand. Our lives run on these phones. Most of the things we do depends on these phones. Including these important devices in training and learning was a wise move for sure.

When we talk about mobile learning, it is not necessary that you need internet. Some information can be saved on the applications that can be viewed offline when you are in remote conditions too. mLearning can be done conveniently in both Online and Offline mode.

The format of learning is one more plus point of the mobile learning features. The study material is so brief and informative that you can learn the maximum within least time. mLearning makes it possible to put in a large amount of information in the least possible pages through pictures, diagrams, graphs and other attractive ways. This makes it easier to access during travel, work breaks, and at home.

There is also technology available for conversion of existing e-content into mLearning content. e Learning company in India can do this task easily. This will save the company’s time and cost in coming up with a new material altogether if they already have an eLearning program.

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