Benefits Of Using Customized Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

There are two major problems facing training teams in companies. First is to enhance efficacy of learning and second is to decide on strategies of learning which will help serve both learning and business outcomes. The best way to meet these challenges is by using custom mobile learning solutions for the company.

 Consider the ‘forgetting curve’. According to this, you will forget 80% of what you learned in 30 days. There are several approaches in order to counteract the forgetting curve.

 One strategy is to provide smaller bytes of learning in place of one large chunk. In case such learning bytes could be delivered in engaging and interesting formats and delivered during work-flow, they will help in learning, recalling and retaining. With passage of time, this would lead to proper application of knowledge at work and behavioral changes which can be expected.

Customized mobile solutions are a good way to move from discrete learning events (as in case of formal training) to learning pathways which help employees in- recalling, retaining, reinforcing and applying. This is a factor considered by e-learning companies in India.


We tend to retain and apply better, if instead of one training program, if there are smaller chunks of learning, spread over a longer period of time. Mobile learning solutions have a greater edge to achieve this.

Key advantages are:

  • Flexibility to learners: The main advantage is the flexibility offered by m-learning (mobile learning). The two features are:
  • Flexibility to learn anytime or anywhere.
  • Flexibility to learn with a variety of formats (podcasts, videos etc.).
  • Higher retention and better rates of completion: The micro-learning or bite-sized learning approaches make it easy for learners for initiating, completing or retaining learning in a better way.
  • Collaborative learning: It is a great way to collaborate with peers for sharing of learning experiences and become members of communities for specific practices.
  • Greater engagement: Mobile-learning experiences are more engaging and as per statistics, more learners complete the courses via mobile learning in comparison to traditional e-learning.
  • Support on multiple devices: Same courses can be accessed from varied devices like laptops, PC’s, smartphones and tablets.
  • Support for performance: M-learning is assuming the duty of providing intervention of performance support as mobile devices are a vital part of the work-flow of the learner. Easy connection to information is facilitated by performance support and raises the potential for using and retrieving of information.
  • Learning path: Mobile devices can be used for updating learners on their learning path.

These are some benefits of mobile e learning solutions.

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