The Latest & Most Effective Way To Make A Child Learn: Game Based E-Learning

Game based e-learning

As the technology has progressed, so has the teaching and learning methods and this hasresulted in to e-learning. E-learning is what most people call it, a way where it is possible for people to gain knowledge in every topic of every subject virtually through the help of teachers. E-learning was frowned upon at the time it was launched, owing to it’s limitation of not having an optionfor feedback but this thought processwas soon overcome as the many advantages of e-learningcame to light over classroom learning. Children that indulge in e-learning are more likely to solve problems faster, because gaining knowledge online is easier and can be done at ones leisure.

What are the features of game based e-learning?

Game based e-learning is an art through which games are developed in a format where the player gets to learn something. Teaching through games is a great way of introducing a spirit of gaming that comes with the spirit of learning in a child. Learning through games has the following features-

  • Entertaining- games are entertaining, and games that teach the player something are built on the same levels of entertainment and knowledge, thus making the experience of learning very entertaining for a child.
  • Competitive spirit- games induce a competitive spirit in people, thus allowing them to learn and perform their best at the same time.
  • Variety- games based on learning come in a number of topics and formats such has math, English and other subjects that do the job of teaching the child thoroughly while engaging them in its competitive interface.
  • Memory- games helps in enhancing the memory of a person because concepts taught online are easier to remember because they are taught visually and concepts taught visually have a higher probability of remaining ingrained in the brain for a longer period of time.

What is Dynamicpixel?

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