Importance of E-Learning in Education


The arrival of e-learning or online based learning is known to everyone. Till the early 2000’s, education was typically carried out in a classroom, under the guidance of teachers. Physical presence in class both of teacher and student was necessary.

Then came the internet and the rest is history. E-learning is a fast growing industry and its impact can be traced back to the late 1980’s and when considering distance learning and televised learning, even before that.


 Nowadays, e-learning solutions have become affordable and applicable with both computers and internet. Only a good e-learning tool is necessary for education to take place, anywhere, anytime. The rapid progress of technology has resulted in bridging of geographical gap, and helps simulate a classroom environment. By e-learning, various aspects can be shared like PDF’s, Word documents, slide-shows and Video documents. It has also become easy to conduct live online classes (webinars) and to chat and message with professors.

There are a slew of e-learning systems and the basic one is called as the LMS (Learning Management System) which allow easy delivery of classes. Using the right tools, different processes can be automated like a course with fixed materials and tests that can be automatically evaluated. E-learning works as an affordable solution for education by which it can be made to fit around the schedule of the learner, permitting the busiest person to advance in his career with additional qualifications.

Many important developments have occurred in education with the arrival of the net. Nowadays, even the youngest of persons are able to effectively use smart phones, internet, text messaging etc. Thus implementing an e-learning course has become an easy matter. Social media, message boards and other forms of online communication allow learners to stay in touch and conduct discussions on course materials, thusgiving a feel of a community.

E-learning is a fast paced system where technology is constantly changing to make learning exciting, new and fresh. Coursecontent can be updated quickly and effectively for learners to keep up with changes. This type of e-learning is particularly useful in corporate training where employees need to be updated on latest industry developments. This is why many businesses are providing training via e-learning-as also to save on costs and enabling employees to learn at their own pace.

In sum, traditional learning methods are expensive, involve a long time and with varied results. The best e-learning companies in India will help in facilitating e-learning in various fields.  E-learning has emerged as a better alternative that is affordable, faster and more effective.

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