Importance Of E-Learning For Corporate Training

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E-learning has become a buzzword in modern training circles. More and more companies are actively using e-learning for their training needs. E-learning can help improve the business and beat the competition.

E-learning is so  popular in training circles because  it offers excellent opportunities for employees to learn and enhance their skills. When employees learn and grow, the greater will be their contribution to the bottom line and productivity of the company. HR personnel can consult  e learning companies to design their training strategy.

Here are some top reasons why e-learning has become vital:

  • Speeds up training of employees

Studies show that e-learning can substantially reduce training time of employees. Around 40 to 60 percent of training time can be reduced by training via e-learning, compared to traditional classroom based training. It is also delivered easily as employees can access training content anytime and anywhere.

 Hence they can progress with training at their own pace without being dragged down by others. They can skip portions they don’t need and learn what they need. They don’t need to travel to training venues nor stay after work to get involved in training which helps save time and pushes them to learn faster.

  • Cost-effectiveness

This is one of the main benefits for companies to shift from classroom based training to e-learning. Conducting in-house training works out to be expensive as there is the cost of arranging for a trainer, his / her accommodation and travel expenses as well as printing of training material. Such costs can be avoided and also speeding up of training itself presents cost benefits.

  • Enhancing knowledge retention

E-learning provides for greater retention of training content. Some reports claim that retention rates are increased by 25 to 60 percent, just because e-learning is much more engaging.

E-learning provides employees with attractive small modules of learning with multi-media and interactivity. This helps them retain much more information and improve their skills. Tools like gamification and interactive activities and quizzes provide feedback in real time and provide an effective training  scenario.

  • Raises productivity

Learning at one’s own pace results in improved productivity because employees can learn at their own convenient hours and pace, without disturbing work routine. Productivity is also improved because employees have access to training content whenever they need it.

  • Superior collaboration

E-learning software offers useful tools for collaboration and communication, which are vital to improve knowledge and skills for the workplace and build up a strongly knit team at work. Being able to interact in real time helps improve engagement and provides an empowering and comfortable learning environment like in case of e-learning for IT industry.

These are some of the benefits of e-learning for corporate training.

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