Game Based Learning- A Smart Way to Make Learning a Fun

Game Based Learning- Dynamic Pixel

It is an age-old myth that games pose a detrimental effect on a child’s growth and development. However, if the games are utilized in a positive way, it could encourage learning among children and sharpen their analytical skills as well. In today’s tech-savvy world, learning has been shifted from blackboards in classrooms to digital devices in the home. Therefore, introducing games in online learning with education goals can prove to be quite fruitful.

Game Based Learning- Dynamic Pixel

If we are to define Game-Based Learning, we would say it is a method of employing games in the learning methodologies to making learning more fun. The core concept behind game-based learning is teaching through repetition, failure and the accomplishment of goals. A well-design game challenges the player to overcome the easy to difficult levels and win the game. The same principle is applied in the teaching curriculum.

The amalgamation of games and education can turn passive learning into active learning. Thinking how? Have a look at how it can be a smart way of learning.

Good Retention of Conceptual Knowledge

The monotonous topics and concepts are not grasped by the students as they should be. However, through Game-Based E-Learning, you can increase the retention rate of the technical concepts. This creates an interactive environment resulting in the increased engagement and quality learning of the children.

Gives Rise to Concentration level and an Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

When children are playing games, they require a keyboard and a mouse and perfect coordination of hands and eyes to attain the desired action. Similarly, when a student is learning through gaming method, it not only makes them more concentrated but also improving the coordination resulting in the quick completing of the task.

Boosts the Thinking skills and Problem-Solving Ability

There is a notable difference between the thinking capability of a child who learns through gaming methods and who learns through traditional modes. Games require the children to take quick action, put their logic, and complete the level in the specific time. Therefore, when this gaming method is employed in e-learning; it lets the children complete their learning and problem-solving task with much accuracy and promptness.

Sharp Memorization

Game-Based learning is a proven way to sharpen the memory of the children. This is because while playing games a child has to remember a number of aspects to solve the game. Not only this, but it also involves memorizing the sequence and narrative elements to reach the desired level. Therefore, if the students are taught concepts through game-based learning, it leads to better retention with visuals casting a more profound impact on the child’s brain.

Games and learning must go hand in hand. With an extensive growth in the educational industry, Game-Based Learning has become the need of the hour. It is an effective way to achieve educational goals and address different types of learning styles. The gaming method of learning allows the children to accept failure wholeheartedly and try again with a positive approach. Yes, students learn a great deal through experimentation, failures, trials, and errors.

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