How E-Learning is the Hottest Idea


E-learning is revolutionizing the educational sector. It is being accepted by most universities in the world. E-learning has made learning faster, more connected and easier.

E-learning improves the learning process in the following ways:

  • Better retention: When you learn something without applying pressure, it stays in your mind for a long time. Technology makes e-learning diverse and enjoyable and thus helps in greater retention in the mind of the learner. When students learn according to their choice and interest, they enjoy learning online.
  • Easy access to and storage of learning content: In e-learning, students are not bound by classroom atmosphere with teachers, notes and textbooks. They can access any number of resource materials and learning tools. It is possible for them to collect all details about learning topics and are able to proceed without struggling with their courses.
  • Flexible timing: students are not bound by limitations of location or time in the learning process. They can access all learning resources 24×7 and can learn from anywhere in the world. All that is required is access to electronic devices like tablets, lap tops, note books or smart phones.


  • More contact between teacher and students: with technology as mediator, it becomes easy for students to consult, collaborate and discuss with each other like through online forums. Their contact with teachers is also enhanced by online communication. This helps students get academic help when they need and submit projects and assignments online.
  • Self-paced learning: Most e-learning course content is chosen by the students and they learn what they like. They choose content that fits along with their time schedule and learning pace. There is no need to hurry with the course, nor be dragged along with others. Every student can set his/her pace of learning. E-learners are usually self-motivated. They set their own pace of learning.
  • Superior technological support: e-learning presents students with various types of learning tools. Learning takes place by accessing wholesome research material with a robust tech-support system.
  • Suits various learners: E-learning involves flexible type of curriculum. One can select course or degree as per one’s learning style or abilities and continue with it, without any hindrance in learning. Learning style can be adjusted according to the pace of the learner and proceeded as per the abilities and wishes of the learner. The process is made more conducive by the medium of technology.

This is why more e-learning companies in India are joining in the race to serve the e-learning needs in education sector. E-learning has more pros than cons, as evident in the above discussion.

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